Are you an artist? Want money?

Send us your project proposal by June 4, 2010. Six artists will be selected for our shortlist, and asked to prepare a short presentation. At the Sugar Mama party, you present and try to convince guests to vote for you. (How you do that is entirely up to you. You have 10 minutes. Nudity is not exactly encouraged, but we're not going to force you to keep your clothes on. You can bring work, bring your portfolio, stand on your head, or whatever.)

If you win, you get all the money. We plan to sell 40-50 tickets at $25-35, so that gives you an idea of what the range is for how much money you can win.

In addition - and even if you don't win - you'll get to meet 40-50 really cool people who want to support artists, may be artists themselves, and are interested in getting to know you and your work.

If you win, you'll be asked to document what you did with the money, so we can share that with the people who supported you.

Send an email for details.

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