Are you a Person? Want to be a Patron of the Arts?

Sugar Mama's mission is to make being an arts patron fun, easy and accessible to everyone. As a guest, you donate a modest amount of money by purchasing a ticket to the event. You get to interact with the six artists applying for your money at a cool party, ask them questions and get to know their work and process. Finally, you get to vote for your favorite artist using our specialized apparatus, Mama's Scientific Votinator. Smoke comes out of it. It's very spectacular. The winning artist gets all the money raised from ticket sales.

If your favorite artist didn't win the money, you can still support them by purchasing work, going to their next show, and telling your friends about their work. Or if you just want to give them some money, we're not going to stop you!

Sugar Mama is a fun, light-hearted, unpretentious event, where you'll meet cool people and get to take ownership of supporting local artists. There will be beer. And soup. Also, you get a gift bag!

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