It's time to get your Sugar Mama tickets! Act now for the coolest free gift ever: Chocolate Legos Deluxe 3-Color Gift Set

Greetings form Sugar Mama HQ!

We have six fabulous finalists! Mama's Scientific Votinator is in its final stages of assembly! Now all we need is you. Many have RSVPed, and now is a great time to get your advance tickets and secure your spot at this limited-seating event. The Sugar Mama Party is Saturday, June 26. Doors open at 7:30.

Sugar Mama is a fun, unpretentious party where 90% of ticket revenue goes directly to an artist with a great project idea. (10% goes to buy soup ingredients and beer, and 0% goes to administration costs and us.) You'll hear 6 artists present their ideas as you feast on delicious, home-made soup, sip delightful store-bought beer, and enjoy your excellent door prize of high-quality, hand-made art. Then you vote, by dropping a marble into Mama's Scientific Votinator, an amazing machine, custom-engineered for the delight of Sugar Mama patrons. The winning artist takes the proceeds for their project.

Brief, handy Come-to-Sugar-Mama FAQ:

What's in it for me?

- an excellent party on June 26 in West Oakland
- Delicious, home-made soup
- Delicious, store-bought beer
- An opportunity to fund a great art project
- A vote, in the form of a steel marble, which you get to drop into Mama's Scientific Votinator and watch smoke come out as we tally the winners
- A personal introduction to six really interesting artists and their work and a change to mingle with like-minded, art-loving people

But I want MORE!
OK, we'll give you more. To further sweeten the deal, we'll give the first 10 people who buy a ticket from Brown Paper Tickets a deluxe, 3-flavor set of Kris's famous cast chocolate Legos in a beautiful clear plastic gift box.

Well, how about even MORE?
Oh, all right. Everyone who buys a ticket by Friday, June 18 will receive one extra vote, increasing your art-patronage-decision-making power by a factor of 2! You get to watch twice as much smoke come out of the Votinator!

How do I get a ticket?
Click here:

I want to know more.
Check out these links:

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Sugar Mama in The Oakbook

OK, now forward this to everyone you know. Then click here to get your Sugar Mama ticket:

Come to Sugar Mama!

Kris + Sussu
Chief Sugar Mamas
We put the FUN back in funding!

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